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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Knights of Columbus Council Badges

When talking with Don Mey last night at the Pentecost Setup, I realized it was time again to offer the council badges.  Especially since I have now lost 4 someplace in my house.

When Michael Chau and I were at the convention, I realized several of the Ladies were wearing 3rd degree Lady's badges.  When I asked, I found out that in support of the concept of marriage being God joining together two souls, the wife of a 3rd Degree member can wear the Emblem of the Order in Oregon.

So I'm putting together an order of Council member slip badges, and magnetic back smaller badges for our ladies.  All badges for both will contain the council number, the cut-to-shape-emblem, and the name of the person.  Council member slip badges will also include the words "John Clare Council".  The badges will be $10 each, I can't afford with this new job to be quite as generous as I have in the past.

Any takers should e-mail me with their badge ordering information.  I'll be putting in the order June 1, so we should have them at the Council Election Meeting June 15.

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