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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why are you a Knight?

Dear Brother Knights,
  At our meeting last night, as Ted Seeber is preparing to speak for a membership drive at St. Clare's in October, the suggestion was made for us all to write a brief statement about why we are knights?  Such a statement is a good recruitment tool in our individual conversations with parishioners.  It is similar to answering why we are Catholics.  It is a good reflective/prayerful activity.

  What I am asking is that we each write a one page statement of why we are knights.  By this I mean:  how did we become knights, what inspired us to join and what value we find in being a knight.  This is not required, but purely optional.
  You can write it up and then post it as a reply to this post.

  I think this will be inspirational for all of us and beneficial as a recruiting tool.

  God bless.
    Deacon Scott



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  1. I knew I forgot to do something:

    Why I'm a Knight. I grew up serving with the Knights of Columbus in Silverton. When I was diagnosed with autism at age 30, I knew I had to work on my interpersonal skills, so joining the Knights seemed like an opportunity to do that. I didn't know how much it would change my spiritual life.