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Monday, March 7, 2016

1st Degree Coming up for Council 15485

From Council Ceremonials Chair Ted Seeber:
With two potential recruits from the RCIA program at St. Clare's, and with the McGivney musical on Friday, and with it being that time of year when new members join the faith, John Clare Council 15485 will be hosting a 1st Degree Charitable Exemplification on Sunday, April 3 (Divine Mercy Sunday).

Gathering Location is the Fireside Room, downstairs in the Parish Office,8535 SW 19th Ave, Portland OR 97219.

Park in the lot on 19th and go around the back side by the fence to enter in the back door. Candidates should be there at 2:00pm to straighten out paperwork and dues, Degree will begin at 3:00pm. Degree Team is requested to meet at 1:00pm for rehearsal. If other councils are bringing candidates, we request that you bring a standard 1st Degree Candidate Kit with you, as our supplies are low.

Edit:- Times are now up in the air until we discuss at the Business Meeting March 17th. There has been some pushback from members of the Degree Team against holding a degree on a Sunday.

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