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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meeting Notes 10-15-2015

GK- Present

9 members present

GK Report- Kudos to Ted for figuring out the reporting forms.  Breakfast on October 18th is canceled, but we will have two breakfasts in November.  One at SJF on November 22nd, One at St. Clare's on November 29.  Ted and Marc to help with breakfast.  Take some brochures!  St. Clare's Church Drive mentioned.  Next Church Drive in March at St. John Fisher.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine is in process.  If you are interested in that, they're still looking for volunteers.

Treasurer's Report.  Checking Account Statement is $1353.63, Bill paid $3.18 to Supreme.  40.09 Charity account.

FS Report:  Council Statement shows no bills, all have been paid.  Not sure who is needed for the disability renewal letter.  New policy voted on:  Council will provide new members with badge.

District Deputy Report - Directory available on State website.  3/8 councils are filling out the reports.  You're doing everything you should and doing well, except for membership.

Sick or in Distress- Fr. Thien, Jim Van Domelen, Janet Patella, Cathy Paulsen

For the Good of the Order - Worthy Lecturer- Feast of St. Theresa of Jesus (formerly of Avila) Doctor of the Church, John 14:1-7 Trust in God, Trust in Me.  I am the way, the truth and the life.
And a poem written by St. Theresa.  Christ has no body but yours.

- Life, Ted reported Baby Bottles will be available at St. Clare's for Advent again.
- Membership
- Community
- Essay Contest - St. Clare's have been turned in, GK has them on USB Stick, Ted has originals.  Judges will be Deacon Scott, Ted Seeber, Tom Owens,
- Church drive - 40 brochures handed out, several fathers thanked Ted for his talk

Closing Prayer- full Decade of the Rosary 7:58

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