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Monday, March 31, 2014

Christ in the Womb Series, Week 2

April 6 Bulletin

The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the Womb Day 6 – 14

Implantation: The new life is composed of hundreds of cells and has developed a protective hormone to prevent the mother’s body from rejecting it as foreign tissue. The lifeline is secured with mother for continued nourishment. The new individual at first attaches loosely to the wall of the womb, then burrows deeply and attaches securely to it over the next week. Sensitive pregnancy tests may now show positive, but this depends on the level of hormone produced by the new life. Many women are still unaware of the pregnancy. Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014


The Word Made Flesh for April 4-5, 2015
In the Gospel of John Chapter 1, the Eternal Word, a part of God, which created the World, was made flesh, and dwelt among us. Our little girl now joins her mother in her bed- attaching loosely to the walls of the womb, and starts growing the complex connections that will feed her over the next 9 months. In the annunciation- The Holy Spirit entered Mary and conceived our Lord, incarnating a soul into flesh. Likewise, our little girl who we are following until her sharing of a birthday with our Lord, already is a soul in a body- the incarnation of a fully human soul. While the Incarnation of the Divine Jesus was a unique event in our history, do we seen the more commonplace event of the incarnation of a human soul as less miraculous, merely because it is mundane? A miracle occurs with every conception, and we need to respect that miracle as well.

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