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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Stories One Hears

I was doing my duty on my last day as Charter Grand Knight, spreading the love at the Pancake Breakfast, getting some of the older ladies from the 8:30 Mass coffee refills. One of them stopped me and said "You're the one who finally brought the Knights to St. Clare's!" She proceeded to tell me how her father and brother were Grand Knights elsewhere, and how her husband had joined in Newport 50 years ago, and when they moved to St. Clare's in the 1960s, had attempted to start a council but ended up just joining St. Anthony's 3591. She asked me what my secret was- and I told her- merging the two roundtables.

A later conversation I had, which I will bring up with my fellow Trustees, is this: Supreme has now lowered the number of Knights needed to start a new council from 30 to 20. This means, with ten good new recruits this year, five from each parish, we will not only give Paul the honor of leading a Star Council for the 2nd year our council is around, but we will be in a position to start talking about a council for each parish.

I will be working in the next two weeks on transition to the new leadership. My last gavel bang- will be to turn the meeting over to the DD for installation of officers on July 15th.

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