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Monday, April 17, 2017

Meeting Minutes for Monday April 17, 2017

Roll Call
 GK- Present
FS- Present
DGK- Present
Chan- present
Recorder- Excused
Treasurer- Present
Advocate- Present
Warden- Present
IG- Excused
OG- Absent
1 year trustee Present
2 year trustee Present
3 year trustee Excused

 10 Officer 11 Brothers

 Chaplain- thank you for the help with St. Clare's Easter Egg Hunt Previous Minutes Approved with minor corrections. (Spelling of April in third to last line)

 Grand Knight's Remarks: Had the distinct privilege over Easter serving with Archbishop Sample. From that, my take away was that the reason people don't understand the Mass, is because they don't understand the Church- and by extension, they don't understand Jesus Christ. The Knights are very much the hands and feet of the Boby of Christ. He is God incarnate in us, we want to be the Body of Christ for others. Encounter Christ, be changed- go out and preach what Christ Preaches.

 Treasurer's Report. $1696.41 start $1039.41 end $500 donation to Dan Mac $10 to Tim Crimmins $351.50 Oregon Council Per Capita $200 St Clare Breakfast Stipend

 Financial Secretary: Food for Families due Breakfast Check from October at SJF was lost. Will roll into next Breakfast Check. For the Good of the Order: Easter- Jesus Christ is Risen, He is Alive. Poem read in honor of Lectuerer's Father. Meagan O'Rourke "In Sync".

-Pancake Breakfasts April 23 SJF, May 7 St. Clare
-Divine Mercy Cards "Silent Recruitment Drive" April 22/23 both Parishes

 New Business 
-This Saturday; Archbishop Sample is coming to SJF to "Bless the Rose Festival", with all the Princesses.  Planting two Rose Bushes.
- Stop Funding Abortion Initiative Ballot Signature Gathering
-Maintenance Help- Jenny Holden- Mowing/fix-its
-Dan Mac appreciation and thank you
-Carnation Sales May 13-14 both parishes, Baby Bottle Drive at SJF
-Fr. McGivney Guild Newsletter mentioned.  Pray for Physical Aliments to help him become a Saint.

State Deputy Report
Columbian Award For Ken Paulsen
Oregon State KofC Charities Raffle is now online:
State Convention is spread out- you really will get to see the sights.  Old St. Francis Church, New St. Francis Church, Powell Butte

Next Meeting Scheduled for May 15, 7pm

Prayer Requests:  Daniel's Employment, Education.  Prayers for Daniel's Parents in a challenging housing situation.  Prayers for Bonnie and Bob Owens.

Queen of Heaven Rejoice Alleluia Final prayer

Meeting Adjouned 7:55pm

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