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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Flower Sale

Brother Knights

Please volunteer to assist after Saturday and/or Sunday masses in your parish to help distribute / sell Carnations on Mother's Day.  The flowers are on their way... we just need kind gentlemen to collect the $1 (suggested donation per flower) - to be collected by Phil.  If you're at mass anyway, why not pitch in on this project?  (You DO attend mass right?)  Just show up a bit before the end of mass at one of the exits.... better yet, let Phil, Ken or Ted know which mass you'll attend so they can count on you.  This is probably the easiest function of the year - and everybody loves you for it too!!!  The buckets of flowers will be delivered before the Sat. evening mass.  We'll cover all masses except the 5:30pm Sunday mass at St. John Fisher - unless we have some flowers remaining that late.  (Generally they sell out...)
Here's some email addresses if you want to respond.....
Ken -
Phil -
Ted -
Thank You..... .Thank You...... Thank You!

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