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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From the State Health & Welfare Chairman

Dear Brothers 

State Warden Steve Steel's Father in Law, Allen Joseph, is in intensive care at St. Al's Hospital in Boise. He collapsed Sunday afternoon in the back yard. He was air-flighted to Boise and was in an induced comma.  He was scheduled to be 'awaken from the coma phase at 4:00 Tuesday morning May 3, 2016.  Tuesday morning Allen opened his eyes when his daughter, Teresa Steel was in there and looked at Teresa.  Allen was a little agitated but settled down when Teresa told him he was ok and so was everyone else and we were taking care of everything. Respiratory therapist went in later and checked breathing tube and come up with plan. Teresa Thank you all for the prayers and keep them coming. 

Sir Knight Rick Dew of Council 3302 Scappoose and Assemble 1292 will undergo surgery tomorrow,Thursday May 5, 2016, to repair a broken collar bone that resulted from a motor cycle accident recently where he broke 5 ribs and his collar bone. Please pray that Rick Surgery is successful and that he has a quick recovery.

Brothers, please pray for the repose of the soul of brother Jim Keryan’s of William J. Leahy council  #1307 mother who passed away recently and keep Jim and his family in your prayers to.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Walt Fransen, father of brother Trygve Fransen of William J. Leahy council  #1307, who passed away earlier this week, and remember Trygve and his family also.


Health & Welfare Chairman

Andrew F. Robinson, Jr. 

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