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Monday, November 21, 2016

Meeting Notes November 21st, 2016


Roll Call of officers
Our Lord Jesus Christ Present
Grand Knight Present
Deputy Grand Knight Present
First Year Trustee Present
Second Year Trustee Present
Third Year Trustee Present
Financial Secretary Present
Treasurer Present
Recorder A
Chancellor Present
Lecturer Present
Chaplin Excused
Advocate Present
Outside Guard Absent
Inside Guard Excused
Warden Present

10 officers present, 11 brothers present

Reading of the previous Minutes- No recorder, so no minutes present

GK Remarks
Feast of Christ the King should be our Liturgical Celebration as Knights- to Go out and Be his Knights.

Treasurer's Report
$1994.81 Beginning balance
St. Clare Breakfast $409- Breakfast Stipend $235 for St. Clare's
SJF Breakfast $313- Outstanding to SJF Youth Group for $157
Paid $10 recycling fee

Financial Secretary's reports
31 members at present, 7 honorary life.  No bills outstanding for the council.  Either paypal or bring your checkbook for our next meeting December 19th at 6:00pm (dinner meeting & Christmas Party), to avoid us spending money on stamps.

For the Good of the Order
First Sunday of Advent Year A- Matthew's reading for Sunday, First Sunday of Advent.  Matthew 24:37-44
Billy Graham- The Secret of Happiness.  Seek to produce the Fruits of the Spirit in our lives.
Have more of Christ this Advent, Trust in Him.


  • Monthly Rosary For Life- very successful, still going on
  • Essay Contest- Judges named
    • Ted Seeber
    • Ken Paulsen
    • Tom Owens
    • Daniel Salomon
    • Mike O'Phelan
    • Scott Kolbet
New Business

  • Request for Dan to help reunite his family, $400 to bring his wife from Vietnam
    • Motion Carries- $400 to help reunite this immigrant family, in keeping with the mission of Fr. McGivney.
  • Charitable Policy Changes
    • We have our Unity Savings Account for dues assistance to our brothers
    • Needs of our families
    • Needs of our Parish 
    • Refer individuals to more appropriate groups first
    • Requests from our Order
    • Charities we are connected with
    • Then to the larger community, funneled through our parishes when appropriate
    • Charities to support on a yearly basis:
      • St. Andre Bessette
      • Faith Cafe in Beaverton
      • Project Rachel through Catholic Charities
      • Mother and Child Education Center
    • Motion to give $100/year to our four Charity Organizations
      • Motion carries- at least for 2017, with Annual review, we donate $100 each to the four charities listed above,
      • Suggestion to review at November Meeting every year
  • Food Boxes - Knights should be involved.  Schedule TBA on the blog
  • Christmas Masses- volunteer for Greeters, Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers; Lectors
  • Get your reports in to our GK- it is good to see what we are doing as Knights
  • Good to read your magazine
  • Next Meeting Scheduled for December 19th 6pm- Potluck
  • Pancake Breakfast in January 8th at SJF
District Deputy's Report- Visit From Dave Saunders, District Deputy #1
  • Go read the State Newsletter online!
  • I miss you guys!
  • I want to come back to District 3
  • DD believes that 15485 is in good shape.
For Sick or in Distress:
  • Deacon Casey died Sunday Morning
  • Bonnie Owens- two operations coming up
  • For Daniel's parents for their safety in Israel
  • For those affected by the Earthquake in Japan
  • For the six kids killed in a Bus Crash in Chattenoga
Meeting Adjourned 8:15

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