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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breakfast Results

Gross $460.31
Expenses  $147.31
Mass 1 net $210
Mass 2 profit $103
Total Net of $313

Donation: $156.50 to SJF Youth Group, who helped us with the Breakfast.

Thank you to our volunters Marc Gregoire, Evan Crader, Mike Devlin, Mike O' Phelan, Tom Owens, Michael Chau, Christopher Seeber, Ted Seeber, Jim VanDomelen, Paul Pompili, and of course, Breakfast Captain Ken Paulsen

Specific Kudos:

I think the breakfast was very successful on several levels.  Cash, Camaraderie and Community benefits.  The food was especially well prepared... Thanks for taking on the eggs Mike.  We got many compliments - in fact, one man donated an additional $20 after breakfast as a "tip".  
I will be preparing an inventory spreadsheet for our next (March) breakfast supplies.  I suggest that we forego buying meatless sausage because it is so expensive and there weren't many takers... (I pushed it at tables.)  I believe one of the two packages I bought was left over - but didn't see it after the event.   Overall, there wasn't a lot of food left over and so I think our purchasing list is close to what we need - provided that the customer count stays about the same.  Based on plate count, I think we served about 140 today.

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