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Friday, January 22, 2016

Save the Date, Saturdary, February 20th

As has become normal for our council, we will be attending the yearly 1st-3rd exemplification in Sherwood. Renew your lesson of Charity, get the lessons of Unity and Fraternity, from one of the best degree teams in the state. If you have a potential recruit for our council who claims to be too busy to be a Knight, this is the once a year chance to go from Stranger to the Order to 3rd Degree Knight, all in one day. Pick up your candidate, and join us for breakfast at Shari's at 7:30am in Sherwood. We will get Form 100 and Membership Application Committe done there.

 Schedule for the John Clare Council is similar to last year:

7:30 AM- Breakfast and or Coffee at Shari's in Sherwood
9:00 AM- Proceed to St. Francis Church in Sherwood to check in for 1st Degree
9:30 AM- 1st Degree.  I highly recommend members taking the higher degrees take this opportunity to review the lesson of Charity, and watch one of the best teams in the state!
10:30 AM- 2nd Degree.  Get the lesson of Unity from Tom Hays, State Ceremonial Chairman himself.
Noon - 3rd Degree.  The only certified third degree team in the State, and surprise visits via video from men you should recognize, including one now watching us from the Church Triumphant.
2pm- Knighting Ceremony and pictures.

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