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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meeting Minutes 6/15/2015

Grand Knight's Remarks:
    Pastoral Council 
  • Summer Break started.  Wants help with Junk & Jewels; set up and tear down, Sunday, June 21
  • Parish Picnic September 13- Knights will be cooking.
    • Is Council 3591 Grill available, or do we use member grilles?
    • There will be a 5K run and the mass schedule will be changed for the picnic
  • Archbishop Letter read regarding Kevin Hagan conversion to Mormonism
  • Final Thoughts - Family duties and responsibilities required a change but will still help and be active as the Third Year Trustee to assist new G.K
  • Movie Night - Went smoothly, Michael Chau led floor covering.  There were 7 kids and 6 moms and Eva.  Projector not used because speakers not found.  Used big screen t.v. borrowed from Preschool instead

Treasurer's Report:
  •     Checking balance: $1204.56
  •     Income from Carnation sale:  779.46
  •     Bills:    $275.12 to Ted Convention reimbursement
  •                   $6 supplies, 
  •                     $148.80 flower reimbursement to Ken, 
  •                         $99.20 flower reimb. to Ted, 
  •                             $550 to Mother and Child center.

Financial Secretary's Report:
  •     32 Members.  No new bills
  •     There's a $44.85 credit per capita from Supreme
  •     9 people haven't paid dues
  •     Supreme requests RSVP regarding seminarian fund
  •     Food for Families
  •     June 30 Columbia Magazine
  •     Service Program
  •     New Form 100 - old 100's to be destroyed
  •     Leadership training in Salem July 18 & 19.
  •     Applications to be filled out - send info. to Phil  $15 ea. for dinner, Knights and spouse, $8 for lunch (K/C only at lunch).  DD proposed that the council pick up this cost, the vote was unanimous to do so 
Good of the Order:
  •     Gospel reading - Jesus calming the seas
  •     Brief Blessing from Isiah

New Business:
  •     Sunday 3pm 
    • Junk and Jewel Clean-up - pick up tables, leave flooring
    • Michael Chau birthday party at Tom's house
  •     Breakfast 5th Sundays but no leadership.  Mike Chau volunteered - Need 3 people on committee.

District Deputy:
    K/C Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Financial Secretary and Membership Director should attend leadership seminar in Salem July 18 and 19.
Officers were elected for the coming fraternal year as follows:
  •     Grand Knight:    Ken Paulsen
  •     Deputy Grand Knight:    Polinus Vuoche
  •     Chancelor:    Mike O'Phelan
  •     Advocate:    Marc Gregoire
  •     Treasurer:    Mike Devilin
  •     Recorder:    Jim Van Domelen
  •     Warden:    Michael Chau
  •     Inside Guard:    Don Mey
  •     Outside Guard;    Mike Morgan
  • 3 year Trustee:  Ted Seeber
  • 2 year Trustee:  Tom Owens
  • 1 year Trustee:  John Creegan

Sickness or Distress:
    Millie Dover - out of rehab.  Back at St. Clare in month or two.

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