Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Friday Night Schedule

Two Volunteer Opportunities in One Night is going to make things hard. I've spoken to a few of the council, but mainly people who will not be able to help due to previous "last school day of the year" commitments.
The following is what I do know and am counting on:
-4:30 PM, I will pick up Michael Chau at his house
-4:45 PM, I will pick up James Michael Morgan at his house
-5:00 PM, I will pick up the sound system at St. Clare's Office
-5:15 PM, James Michael Moran, Laura Bowers, and I will begin setting up for movie night. Michael Chau will join Jeff Reilly, Clare-Marie Kahn, Theresa Duda, and other volunteers hopefully at the St. Clare Gym
-6:00 PM, Set up Gym for Junque and Jewels, Start Movie "Despicable Me"
-6:00 pm-8:00 pm food will be served.
-8:00 pm, to reward Junque and Jewels Volunteers and give them some time with their families, if enough people want to stay, I'll do a double feature with Despicable Me 2. If we only have one or two children willing to stay, we may talk them out of it, but I will have both movies available.

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