Saturday, April 18, 2015

Agenda for Monday's meeting

Meeting Agenda
April 20, 2014
St. Clare Office Fireside and Clare Rooms

  • 5:30pm Ted Opens the back door to the office
  • 6:00pm Registration of Candidates for 1st Degree
  • 6:30pm First Degree in Clare Room
  • 7:00pm Opening Prayer Our Father, Roll Call, Reading of Previous Minutes
  • 7:05pm Grand Knight’s Remarks
    • Pastoral Council
      • Breakfast leadership
    • Ted's visions
    • Movie Night Report
  • 7:15pm Treasurer’s Report
  • 7:20pm For the Good of the Order
  • 7:30pm Committees
    • Community
      • Easter Egg Hunt
      • May Movie Night:  Monsters Inc
    • Church
      • SJF Eucharistic Miracle Display
    • Life
      • Mother's Day Flower Sale
  • 7:50 pm New Business
  • 8:00 pm District Deputy/State Officers
  • 8:10pm Sick or in Distress: Millie Dover
  • 8:15pm Closing Prayer 

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  1. Would like to add mention of the Eucharistic Miracle Poster Exhibition at St. John Fisher next weekend before and after each mass. - Ken