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Saturday, January 31, 2015

To be considered at the State Convention

Knights of Columbus OREGON STATE COUNCIL January 31, 2015 Subject: EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FOR DISTRICT WARDENS The following resolution was submitted and proposed by the Oregon State Council Officers for consideration at the 2015 State Meeting in Newport, OR: WHEREAS, the District Deputy has been appointed to provide leadership to the councils in his assigned district. Through his example of faith, charity and good judgment, he provides guidance for council officers in his district to follow; and, WHEREAS, the District Deputy is encouraged to attend all State Meetings and to acquire the latest tools and information to help him lead his councils to succeed; and, WHEREAS, a District Deputy is often encouraged to appoint a District Warden to aid him in his duties as District Deputy; and, WHEREAS, in the absence of the District Deputy, many Jurisdictions would advocate to have the District Warden be the district representative for his assigned district, rather than leave the position vacant during these most important state business sessions; now, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus will allow additional expense reimbursement for the District Warden during State Meetings and only when the District Deputy is unable to attend the said State Meeting; and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that District Warden reimbursement would be limited to, transportation, hotel and meals at the same rate as defined by the Supreme Council for the District Deputy, and be reported on the District Deputy expense report; and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this additional reimbursement in no way shall diminish or replace the important role of the District Deputy as recognized by the State and Supreme Councils. Respectfully submitted by the Oregon State Knights of Columbus Council Officers, Robert J. Kish Jr., State Deputy Rev. Theodore Lange, State Chaplain Patrick L. Rice, Immediate Past State Deputy Sid Thiel, State Secretary Francis Mohr, State Treasurer Ronald J. Boyce, State Advocate Steve Steele, State Warden

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