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Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 19 Business Meeting

Happy MLK weekend. Please come to this meeting prepared to pay your 2015 dues if you have not already. We have decided to hold back billing until after this meeting in hopes of saving postage. Come to this meeting and at least save us the cost of a stamp!

The Next Meeting will be Monday January 19th at 7pm.

Meeting Agenda
January 19, 2014
St. Clare Office Clare Room

  • 6:30pm Audit. Needed attendance- Trustee #2, GK and DD. Optional: FS and Treasurer. Trustee #3 has already signed, Trustee #1 is incapacitated.
  • 7:00pm Opening Prayer Our Father, Roll Call, Reading of Previous Minutes
  • 7:05pm Grand Knight’s Remarks
    • Pastoral Council
      • Movie Night Advertising
      • Considering future fundraising opportunities
    • Survey Results
    • Grand Knight announcement
  • 7:15pm Treasurer’s Report
  • 7:20pm For the Good of the Order
  • 7:30pm Committees
    • Community
      • Ideas for fundraiser for James Michael Morgan
    • Life
      • Baby Bottle report
    • Youth
      • Youth group to have overnight trip in February for middleschoolers
  • 7:50 pm New Business
  • 8:00 pm District Deputy/State Officers
  • 8:10pm Sick or in Distress – Hail Mary
  • 8:15pm Closing Prayer - Prayer to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

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