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Friday, January 9, 2015

Important Links

A conversation at Pastoral Council two nights ago made me realize how unaware those of us older than 40 are of our parish's involvement in cyberspace. To that end, I offer the following three links:
Home Parish of the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roundtable
Home Parish of the Saint John Fisher Roundtable
Home Parish of Council 15485

I strongly suggest you bookmark all three. It's quite clear that the three parishes have taken three different routes for web site design- St Elizabeth of Hungary somehow seems older, less updated; St. John Fisher seems to be an in house homebrew with a very active webmaster; St. Clare's contracts out most of the work to Our Sunday Visitor except for what Laurie Z writes, and has links to fascinating articles and regular columns. All three have recent bulletin links, and some even record homilies. Well worth your time to explore.

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