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Friday, January 30, 2015

From the State Membership Director

February and March State Contest:
Spring into COH
Your chance to compete against yourself and catch up on your quest for Circle of Honor.
Get 20% or more of the quota in these two months and win prizes as long as you are net/net positive at the end of the two month period. Get 10% or more of the quota in February and win a bonus:
Reach 10% Goal
by Feb. 28 (20% bonus)
Divisions I and II: $1,000 Bonus: $200
Divisions III and IV: $750 Bonus: $150
Divisions V and VI: $500 Bonus: $100


My brothers, we would have to be net/net to get this. This means we'd have to basically find one man in February and one man in March to bring into our council. I believe we're so small we're Division VI, but that could be $600 for our coffers. If you know anybody, let me know and we'll either get them to degrees in Sherwood on February 21, or we will hold a St. Patrick's Day/Venerable Fr. McGivney Founder's Month 1st Degree on March 16.

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