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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Revised nominations list

Please keep Monday, June 16 free on your calendars- I want as many Knights at our next meeting as possible! The reason, of course, is elections.

Due to incidents that I will reveal at our meeting, I have a revised nominations list. All third degree Knights are eligible for office.

Grand Knight (Ted Seeber);
Deputy (Ken Paulsen);
Chancelor (John Creegan, Tom Owens, & Polinus Vuoche);
Recorder (Jim Van Domelen);
Treasurer (Mike Devlin);
Advocate (Michael Chou, Mark Gregoire, & Tom Owens);
Warden (Michael Chou, Ivan Ward);
Inside Guard (Brian Burby);
Outside Guard (Denny Codd & Polinus Vuoche);
3rd year-Trustee (Tom Owens, Paul Kowash) and 2nd-year Trustee (Brian Burby, John Creegan).

Nominations will reopen prior to voting, but as you can see, we need some help for our current leadership Consider running for any position you think might be fun, and come to the meeting so we will have a quorum for voting.

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