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Friday, June 6, 2014

Be at our next meeting!

You do not want to miss the election of new officers! Our next meeting is going to be very interesting, as the nominations keep getting shuffled by people letting me know what jobs they will or will not do!

Grand Knight (Ted Seeber);
Deputy (Ken Paulsen);
Chancelor (Polinus Vuoche);
Recorder (Jim Van Domelen);
Treasurer (Mike Devlin);
Advocate (Michael Chou, Mark Gregoire);
Warden (Michael Chou, Ivan Ward);
Inside Guard (vacant);
Outside Guard (Denny Codd & Polinus Vuoche);
3rd year-Trustee (Tom Owens, Paul Kowash) and 2nd-year Trustee (John Creegan).

Nominations and voting reopen at our meeting Monday, June 16 at 7:00pm. If you're not there, you might get nominated and elected in your absence- so be there. Even the positions that have only one name above, by the bylaws we must reopen nominations for. Not eligible for nomination- Phil Jarvis, FS (appointed), Mike O'Phelan, Lecturer (appointed) and James Michael Morgan (1 Year Trustee who will be running the process).

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