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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Call for Volunteers- Mother's Day Masses

We still need a few volunteers for Mother's Day:

At St. John Fisher, the 4:30pm, 9am, and 11am Masses still need volunteers. Contact Grand Knight Ken Paulsen (just reply to the blog e-mail)

At St. Clare's, the 10:45am Mass still needs volunteers. Contact Ted Seeber (

Welcome Fr. Don Gutmann, past State Chaplain, to St. Clare's

Deus Gratius- Thanks be to God- We have a pastor named to St. Clare's as of July 1. Fr. Don Gutmann, past State Chaplain from a few years back, has been named our pastor. This is extremely good news for Council 15485.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Regular Business Meeting MONDAY April 18 at 7pm!!!!!

Sorry for this late notice.... Please come TOMORROW, MONDAY NIGHT

Knights of Columbus John Clare Council #15485

Meeting Agenda for April 18, 2016

John Clare Council #15485
Meeting Agenda
April 18, 2016
St. Clare Fireside Room

     6:30pm Council Chambers opened by Ted Seeber
     6:30pm Discussion on St. John Fisher Breakfast – how to improve breakfasts
     7:00pm Call to Order
Warden’s Report,
Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance,
Roll Call of Officers,
Chaplain’s Message,
Reading of Minutes
     7:10pm             Grand Knight’s Remarks
     7:15pm             Treasurer’s Report
     7:20pm             Financial Secretary’s Report
     7:25pm             For the Good of the Order
     7:30pm             Community Committee
     7:35pm             The Return Series – Tom Owens - HelpThemReturn.Com
     7:40pm New Business
      New Members Daniel Salomon & Evan Crader introduced
   Pastoral Council Meeting Report - State of affaires at St. Clare – Ted Seeber
   Upcoming events – St. Clare Breakfast?
   Mother’s Day Flowers & Baby bottle drive May 7-8
   K/C Convention in Salem April 29 – May 1
   St. Clare Youth Group – Michael Chau / Ted Seeber
     7:55pm             District Deputy/State Officers
     8:00pm             Sick or in Distress
     8:05pm             Closing Prayer

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Service Hours are Due

Please record service hours you've completed through March using this link (if on Chrome, right click and Open in Acrobat):

Perhaps you have one or two things - helping a neighbor, serving at mass, holding the door for someone.  Amazing how small things count!  Anyway, let me know as I have to fill out a form to prove we're alive and doing well. - Thanks, Ken

Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Evan Crader and Daniel Salomon

Who took their first degree April 11 on a road trip to Our Lady of the Lake Council. Be sure to be at our next meeting April 18, at 7pm, to welcome them into the Knights of Columbus.

St. John Fisher Breakfast

Thank you to everyone who participated in making the April 10 breakfast a success!
We had plenty of volunteers:
Ted, Shannon and Christopher Seeber
Phil and Donna Jarvis
Jim and Jean Stahl
Deacon Scott
James Morgan
Paul Pompili
John Creegan
Michael Chau
Marc Gregoire
Mike Devlin

I'm always impressed with the energy and attitude of service that's evident in volunteers in these events.  There's always a lot of camaraderie and kidding around while serious work is performed.  And I believe we help the parish community as well.  This time we raised $350.  Deacon Scott suggested that we earmark our 50% donation to the parish youth group and I'm certain they'll be overjoyed with our donation.  Overall, it was a lot of fun.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Ted Seeber's Review of Amoris Laetita

Is posted at Amoris Laetita

More stuff from The Return

Brandon is now offering free (with shipping cost) copies of The Return Paperback. I highly recommend this, as well as click on "Council Library" in the right sidebar to see books our council has available for loan.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A personal thought... (ie, not very important...)

If you attended Catholic School in the 60's, you'll remember that we were not allowed to put marks in our textbooks.  To this day, I have trouble highlighting my codes and manuals I use in my work....

When I was about 6 years old, the neighborhood teenagers taught me some cuss words that I quickly took home to show off to my parents.  I was horrified when my mom pushed a bar of soap half way down my throat to wash out my mouth from those dirty words.  To this day, there are certain words I seem unable to utter.....

My mom was a saintly woman - but very strict.  She said that the phone was a tool to make appointments but not for lengthy conversations.  To this very day, I have trouble talking on the phone.  This is a real handicap for me because in my work, phone conversations can occupy half of my day.  To make matters worse, I have a hearing problem - which is exacerbated by the VOIP system I use (but it's free).  So I'm not much of a phone talker.  I hope you understand.

Today, I'm feeling better and coughing less than yesterday - but I know I was short with some of you who called me to extend well wishes.  I'm sorry for this.  It's still a bit difficult to talk without coughing, but I'm definitely on the mend.  Thanks for your prayers.       

Columbia Magazine is now online as well April 2016

Columbia April 2016:

'via Blog this'

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All hands on deck- Volunteers needed for Breakfast April 10, 2016

I know this is coming rather late- but we need breakfast volunteers at SJF on Sunday. Two shifts are available- 8:30am-11am, and 11am-1pm. At Fr. Richard's request, we will be serving after both masses. Please e-mail to sign up.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Upcoming Knights of Columbus Meetings and events

Breakfast, St. John Fisher, Sunday, April 10, 9am-1pm, Volunteer Opportunity Road Trip for 1st Degree to Our Lady of the Lake's meeting, 5pm Monday April 11 Membership Application Committee at St. Clare's. Business Meeting, St. Clare's Fireside Room, Monday, April 18, 7pm.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pictures from St. Clare's Easter Vigil

Sorry this took so long. Welcome to the church Evan and Daniel, who will be taking their 1st Degree on our Our Lady of the Lake Roadtrip April 11.