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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guadalupe Shrine at the Grotto update

Here's the latest on the Grotto Shrine project....
PS - I'm not sure if the images can be posted here.

All my brother Knights.

Planned work party for Our lady of Guadalupe, all are welcomed

Please pass the word  to your councils that if there is any one that would like to help out. We really could use the help. The more volunteer labor we can get, the less we need to raise.
We are having 2 work parties coming up that I really could use some help.

Oct 3 & Oct 10 (this Saturday and next) I need to move 12 yards of grave to the shrine site to fill in the foundation / walk ways.  Also need to remove some dirt around the shrine to get ready for the walk ways that will be going in very soon.
Bring shovels and wheel barrels if you have them.

I have attached some picture of the shrine as of Sept 28, 2015 to keep you in the loop.  
Also attached direction to get to the parking area for the guys that would like to volunteer
Any questions let me know.
God Bless
Doug Klein
Cell 503-703-1622








KBVM Sharathon - phone banks...

Here's an opportunity to help KBVM if you're so inclined....

Blessings Friends – I wanted to extend an invitation for you to consider volunteering at our Fall Sharathon Pledge Drive next week.  We are looking for some folks to help us answer the phones during the drive during these shifts – could you and some of your co-workers come over and spend a shift with us?   If so please contact Deborah Kovach-Leon at 503-285-5200 or email her at with the date and time you can volunteer.  **PS: we do provide a wonderful meal while you work!

Our Needs are:
Monday October 5th:  1 volunteer from 7-9 am; 1 volunteer from 1-4 pm; 4 volunteers from 4-7 pm
Tuesday October 6th:  1 volunteer from 7-9 am; 2 volunteers from 1-4 pm; 1 volunteer from 4-7 pm
Wednesday October 7th:  4 volunteers from 7-9 am; 1 volunteer from spot 9 am-12 noon; 1 volunteer from 1-4 pm
Thursday October 8th:  1 volunteer from 7-9 am

Thanks for considering – we appreciate all you do to serve the ministry at Mater Dei Radio!

See you at Rosary Bowl NW!

Dina Marie Hale, program director
Mater Dei Radio
88.3 FM KBVM & 94.9 FM & 100.5 FM KMME
PO Box 5888; Portland, OR 97228
Physical Address/Shipping Address:
5000 N Willamette Blvd
MSC 11
Portland, Oregon 97203

Office: 503-285-5200 ext. 305
listen online
Pray the Rosary Daily
Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for us
New Logo SMALL May 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015


This Morning after mass, Deacon Scott told me that the men's club is no longer hosting breakfasts at St. J.F. and that we may offer pancake breakfasts.  He confirmed this with the following email:

Hi Ken,
  As I said, we have permission for the pancake breakfasts.  I would love to see the Knights have 3 breakfasts a year (fall, spring and summer).

Merrit Holub (school principal) said it is fine to use the cafeteria.  She wanted to be aware of the following dates:
  • Oct 25th (Halloween Carnival the night before)
  • Nov 8th (Auction is night before)
  • Nov 29th (Thanksgiving weekend)
  • Jan 17th (MLK Day is the next day so I would worry about turn out)
  • Jan 31st (Men's Club Bingo the night before and Kindergarten Round Up that day)

I would suggest either Oct. 17, Nov. 1 or Nov. 15 for the fall.

God bless.

I think this is a great opportunity for us.  - Both for fundraising and recruiting - as well as strengthening our presence at St. J.F.  We currently are planning a breakfast at St. Clare for Nov. 29.  I'd prefer to avoid the Nov. 1 date as it is the day after Halloween and kids want to get home to their candy - or are too full to eat pancakes.  October 18 is two days after our next business meeting - and that could work.  Nov. 15 could work but it's only 2 weeks ahead of our St. Clare breakfast.  (Is that enough of a break?)  Please let me know your preferences / thoughts.  I believe that if this is properly promoted, we can make it successful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Faith Cafe'

Deacon Scott Kolbet has been a long standing proponent of serving at the Faith Cafe.  Periodically, he organizes a team to serve a meal ... the next event will be Sunday Oct. 18 and then later, Sunday Dec. 6.  Spiritually rewarding as a Corporal Work of Mercy.

People normally serve in 2-3 hour shifts between 2 and 7 pm.  It would be great to have a K/C presence at these events, and also, wives and children can help.  (Great example of charity for the kids.)  There's food prep.,  cooking, serving, cleaning.  Please contact Deacon Scott for more information...

Do you want to visit Mexico City / Our Lady of Guadalupe?

For any one that is interested in take the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe this Dec please let me or Father Theo know ASAP. 

Also this pilgrimage is for any one that wants to go. So please share it will all knights and any one in your parishes.
God Bless 
Doug Klein

-----Original Message-----
From: Fr. Theodore Lange [] 
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 8:39 AM
To: Klein, Doug
Subject: Letter 


Good morning. the ground breaking will be here in soon! Such a grace. Thank you and everyone for working on this project of Love for Our Lady. 

Could you send the enclosed letter* to those interested in the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe? This will be a wonderful pilgrimage under the gaze of Our Lady. 

The sooner I get the deposit the better as there is a time crunch to secure airfare. We still do not know the final price but will continue to work hard to find safe, clean and affordable places. Two Hearts Enterprises has organized many pilgrimages so it will be a good price. What a gift to spend the Christmas Octave with Our Lady and each other on pilgrimage!

Vivat Iesus,
Fr. Theo
*If interested, please contact me ( and I'll forward this letter - which I can't attach to this blog.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine at the Grotto

Oregon KofC   

Update on Our lady of Guadalupe Shrine  project for the month of Aug.
Please share the info below with all brother knights in your councils any other councils I might have missed.
Please try to make the  ground break event at The Grotto Sept 20. Also please bring you spouses
Note the onsite elevator will be free for all knights and their Spouses as well

God Bless,
Doug Klein  
Any questions
Call 503-703-1622 or email me back

Bullet points
1) The current funds received to date 8/31/2015 are $2,870.00. With a projected $5,500 that should be coming in shortly.
2) Other donation items to report. Brother knights, Jeff Peterson & Scott Peterson who own Westside Masonry, Inc, in Tigard Oregon are donating all the Concrete blocks to build the shrine and their labor to get the blocks installed as well as the concrete pads / walk ways. (God Bless Brother knights, Jeff Peterson & Scott Peterson)
3) Another donation item to report, Brother Knight Brain Moran ( St Therese Council 7828) who owns Troutdale Sand & Gravel will be donating all the concrete and delivering cost in support of building the shrine.  (God Bless Brother Knight Brain Moran)
4) Donated labor for the shrine,  We have 10 knights from 6 councils that have carpentry experience that volunteered their time to build the roof of the shrine. ( Thanks lord for this brother knights  
5) We have purchased the needed bench that will be in front of the main entry to the shrine. Should be on site Oct 15
6) The Grotto  funding bucket is 100% up and working: special donation section to donate via a credit card. Co-sponsored by Knights of Columbus
To donate, go to    or make a check out to “The Grotto — Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine project and mail it to P.O. Box 20008, Portland, OR 97294-0008.

The shrine planned building schedule

Sept 20, (Sunday) Our Lady Grounding breaking
Sept 21~ 23, 300+ Shrine blocks will be deliver to The Grotto to a defined location give to us by Father Jack / Tom ( this can happen earlier up to Jeff and Scott)
Sept 25, (Friday) Remove all the dirt where the mission church foundation will be placed (Dirt will be moved to the other side of the path about 20 feet down going west) (need 30 to 40 knights to help, Please volunteer if you can)
Sept 25 (Friday) Level out the footing and get the site ready for concrete pouring on Saturday.
Sept 25, (Friday) Relocate 300 block from delivered location to shrine site.
Sept 26, (Saturday) concrete trunk will deliver what is needed to pour the wall footings.
Sept 28~Oct 8, Westside masonry from Beaverton will build the shrine outer walls. Donated
Oct 19~ 23, 10 or so carpenters that are knights will build the wooden roof. Need to pull funds for the needed wood items. Labor free    
Oct 26~27 the installation of stucco siding will be done by a local contractor.  Need to pull funds for this to be completed.
Nov 2~6 the installation the terracotta roof will be done by a local contractor.  Need to pull funds for this to be completed.
Nov 9~ 11, If weather permitting, we are planning on pouring the walk ways and the mission church floor. All concrete and labor donated.
Still need to raise more funds to support the building of the mosaic pictures (working on it)

Thanks again for all your support
Doug Klein

Tom Karl /  Tim Grady
Can you  please get the bullet items out and get the word out on the dates below.

Item 1) Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine ground breaking at The Grotto   (Address: 8840 NE Skidmore St, Portland, OR 97220)

State of Oregon Knights of Columbus event and  shrine ground-breaking.
Council 3179 sponsoring a free BBQ / potluck with support from council 7828/13700.
Servite Father Jack Topper, rector of The Grotto, will be giving a special prayer to all the Oregon Knights that are able to make it and a special prayer over the ground the shrine will be built on.
“Fr. Theo agree to assist with Father Jack with the ground breaking ceremony on Sept 20”
Oregon State officers will be there and will say few words at the picnic?  
Outdoor mass at the grotto will start at 12:00~1:00
The Shrine ceremony will start in the upper garden on, September 20th at 1:45pm.
BBQ will start at 2:15 in the upper Servite special picnic area west of the monastery

Sept 20 is The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and The Grotto’s 91st Anniversary with Mass at Noon in The Grotto Plaza lower level.
All Knights are encouraged to attend the outdoor Mass. Then all Knights will proceed to the event in the Upper Gardens for the BBQ and ground breaking.

Any questions please let me know
Vivat Jesus
Doug Klein
3179 Grand Knight


Wheelchair Ministry

Several years ago, our parent council 3591 had a wheelchair ministry.  When Ted was still Roundtable Chairman for St. Clare's, he helped Mila Maskell get a wheelchair for her father.  That wheelchair is no longer needed- but neither does 3591 have their wheelchair ministry anymore.

This is a very easy to do activity that can help us win our Columbian Award and Star Council.  It goes towards those points that GK Ken was talking about at the meeting.  However, it is also something that requires some storage space.  For now, only the storage space of one folded up wheelchair, but the ministry could grow.

Is anybody willing to take this on?  Mila has a wheelchair to return to kick you off!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Meeting Notes 9/21/2015

John Clare Council #15485
 Meeting Minutes September 21, 2015

 St. Clare Fireside Room

7:00pm Call to Order,
Warden’s Report,
Prayer ; Pledge of Allegiance,
Roll Call of Officers,
Chaplain’s Message,
 of Minutes

  1. Officers here:  Chaplain, present.  Grand Knight, Present.  Deputy Grand Knight Present. Chancellor Present, Financial Secretary Excused, Recorder excused, Treasurer Present. Lecturer Present, Advocate Excused, Warden Presne, Inside Guard Excused, Three year present, two year trustee present, One year Excused. Outside Guard Present.
  2. 9 brothers present, 9 officers present
  3. Chaplain's message- Rosary. spending time with our Lord Jesus Christ. We are intercessors like Mary, in Charity, Prayer, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.  We are challenged to bring Christ into the world.
7:10pm Grand Knight’s Remarks

  1. Picnic Success-  Wonderful turnout, 400 served at St. Clares, 250 served at SJF.  We worked well together.  
  2. Upcoming events - November 29 Breakfast.  
  3. brochures available- Take some to keep in the glove compartment of your car- to keep
  4. Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine at the Grotto update - Call for volunteers will be on the blog
  5. Activity Reports- Please Report to the GK any activity you do- it all counts in the new activity system with the State Council
7:15pm Treasurer’s Report - $260+ in, $500 out to Guadalupe Project.  $1356.81 in checking, Unity $541, Charity $40
7:20pm Financial Secretary’s Report- 19 associate 12 insurance $3.18 for supplies.  Dues dismissed for 7 members and membership cards were sent.  Form 185 report, Form 365 Received.  Audit form Received.  Nametags.
7:20pm For the Good of the Order

  1. Lecturer- Feast day of St. Matthew.  Call to sinners.  We are all called to Follow, despite our Doubt.
7:30pmConfirm Committees
Life(Mother’s Day flower, baby bottle drive, report on current events)

  1. Advent Baby Bottle Drive at St. Clare's- Ted to get in touch with M&C to reserve bottles.
Membership / Admission(Prospects, Invitations, Stock vestibules)

  1. October 10-11 Church Drive St. Clare's
Family / Community(Picnic, Breakfasts, Movie Night, Easter Egg hunt)

  1. Next Movie UP!  Focus on multigenerational.  Millie Dover asked to give a talk about marriage a few minutes into the movie, after the death of the character of Elle, which is part of Carl's backstory.  Information on joining Knights will be available, with a concentration on family.
7:40pm New Business
November 29 Breakfast

  1. Michael Chau - chairman.  Ken shopping.  Ted will provide documentation for previous years.   
Essay Contest

  1. Deacon Scott and Ted- three winners from each school.  Motion for Plaque passed.  Motion for $50 prize for each winner. 

  • Inserted:  Moving Knights meeting to third Thursdays to encourage Royal Rosarian members to call.  Motion to move meeting to 7pm on 3rd Thursday  Motion passed.  Next Meeting will be October 15th, 7pm, place to be determined.

Church Drive

  1. October 11-12, need 3 volunteers for each Mass at St. Clare's.  email to volunteer.  

  • Offer to help Fr. Stobie- get more members, get our name in the bulletin more often.  Get ourselves on both church websites.  More visibility for the Knights.
  • St. John Fischer helps at the Faith Cafe in Beaverton.  October 18th and December 6th.  

Advent Men's Year of Mercy retreat

  1. Forgiveness and Reconciliation.  Have other groups involved through the Pastoral Council.  Reading ahead on Forgiveness.  A homily on Forgiveness and Mercy that weekend by Deacon Bill.  Will come up with a structure for next meeting on October 15th 

  • Tom Owens and Michael Chau Pulmonary Hypertension Group with James Michael Morgan, volunteer work this Friday
  • Transplant House as well- all good for Activity Points.  
7:45pm District Deputy/State Officers

  1. DD Dave Saunders- We have two districts, District 3 is doing great.  Been a real interesting time with District 1.  Kudos to District 3.    Membership.  Twilight Zone adventure.  2008 Odessey.   Took it in Friday for an oil change, container of cleaner had spilled- all of the floorboard rusting away.  Less than 58,000 miles.  Ended up with a new car.  
  2. Polinus Vuoche has been admitted to PSU
7:50pm Sick or in Distress – Our Father & Hail Mary

  1. Phil Jarvis
  2. 3 friends of Brother James Morgan.  
  3. DD Dave Saunders
8:09pm closing prayer

Sunday, September 20, 2015

St. John Fisher Picnic

Everything really worked out well at the St. John Fisher Picnic!

Special Thanks to Phil Jarvis who attended meetings and organized our council's participation in this event.  GK Scott Young from the Tigard council brought their magic grill - which kept up with the endless line while members of our council spooned out burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, polish dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, vegitables, water melon - there were cookies and cakes too!

Council attendees included:

Mike Devlin
Marc Gregoire
Deacon Scott Kolbet
Ken Paulsen
Ted Seeber
Jim Stahl
Polinus Vuoche 

Again, I was impressed with the dedication in serving others from these men they call Knights.

On my part, it was apparent to me that when you give people food, they automatically like you.  Seems to me to be a small price to pay in order to be everyone's friend.  Sadly, brother Phil Jarvis was too sick to attend the picnic today - especially sad considering all the effort he spent preparing the event.  Get well soon Phil.

Tomorrow night we'll be meeting at 7pm (6:30 for officers).  One topic I'd like to add to the agenda... That our regular meeting schedule be moved from the third Monday of each month to the third Tuesday of each month in order to accommodate two brothers who can't attend on Mondays.  I'd appreciate every member to vote on this - even if they can't attend tomorrow night.  (Our District Deputy may require a different meeting time. - So this may not be the final option.) 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meeting Agenda for September 21

John Clare Council #15485
Meeting Agenda
September 21, 2015
St. Clare Fireside Room

     6:00pm  Council room open / setup
     6:30pm  Officer’s Meeting

     7:00pm             Call to Order,
Warden’s Report,
Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance,
Roll Call of Officers,
Chaplain’s Message,
Reading of Minutes
     7:10pm  Grand Knight’s Remarks
     Picnic Success
     Upcoming events
     brochures available
     Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine at the Grotto update
   Activity Reports
     7:15pm  Treasurer’s Report
     7:20pm  Financial Secretary’s Report
     7:20pm  For the Good of the Order
     7:30pm  Confirm Committees
     Life  (Mother’s Day flower, baby bottle drive, report on current events)
     Membership / Admission  (Prospects, Invitations, Stock vestibules)
     Family / Community  (Picnic, Breakfasts, Movie Night, Easter Egg hunt)
     7:40pm New Business
     November 29 Breakfast
     Essay Contest
     Church Drive
     Advent Men's Year of Mercy retreat
     7:45pm District Deputy/State Officers
     7:50pm Sick or in Distress – Decade of Rosary
     8:00pm Closing Prayer

Monday, September 14, 2015

St. Clare Parish Picnic

It was great to see the turnout of several hundred people for the St. Clare Parish Picnic.

PGK Ted Seeber organized the several K/C Brothers who provided exceptional service, helping to make the event a huge success.

Brother Ted, together with Brothers Michael Chau, Mike Devlin, Don Mey, Mike Morgan, Tom Owens, Polinus Vuoche and I,  manned the grills and helped food service - cooking over 350 burgers / cheeseburgers and hundreds of hotdogs at a pace that kept the guests happy.  We received several compliments and "Thanks" from many of those served.  I was proud of the organization and teamwork that reminded me of a well oiled machine.  Thank you Ted for your well thought out preparation and organization.

I did not attend the second shift - involving the showing of the movie "Mulan" for the September Movie night.  But I hope Ted will post his report here.

Ted's Report:  Few families stayed for the movie.  We started out with 9 kids watching, including Christopher, but many of the girls had their own family honor to attend to in the form of CYO Volleyball practice, so just as the movie got to the battle scenes, As this was part of the day's activities at St. Clare's, we did not take up a collection this time.

I am hopeful that our work at the St. John Fisher Picnic next weekend will be just as productive - albeit in a slightly different capacity - as we'll be more involved in the serving end and not the cooking activities.  Brother Phil Jarvis is heading up that effort.  You may contact him at 971-227-6409 to volunteer your help.

Thanks and God Bless, 
Ken Paulsen GK     

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Volunteers needed for St. Clare's Picnic- Sunday, September 13, 2015

With Fr. Stobie off on Sabbatical, there has been a reversal in the decision of how we are to cook.  We are going to BBQ after all, with personal grills.  The parish will provide the food and reimburse for fuel, we just need to cook it!

Thus, calling all Knights with BBQs to lend.  And a change in schedule for what Ted needs for volunteers.  Please send e-mail to Ted Seeber to volunteer.

7am-10am Setup.  As many hands on deck as we can get, and this is BBQ delivery time.  We also need some wood for leveling, as it appears we'll be in the area behind the new gate by the rectory.

10am- Mass.  Everybody goes to Mass, Fr. Tim Bushy will be preaching, we think (have not gotten final coverage schedule from Archdiocese yet)

11am- kids and those who sign up off on the 5k fun run, Knights, start cooking.  I'd like at least 4-5 Knights for this.  We are doing hamburgers (preformed costco) and hot dogs.  Chips and drinks will also be served.

12noon-3pm, picnic.  We will continue serving for at least the first two hours of this.

3pm-5pm  Building the Domestic Church Movie "Mulan" - giving the younger school parents a place to drop the kids off and volunteer for picnic clean up.  Load up BBQs at this time also.  Would like an additional 4-5 volunteers for this time.